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Harvest is a Church of believers in several campuses.
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Expanding The Gospel

The Gospel—the good news that Jesus brought of forgiveness and peace with God—isn’t something that is meant just for us. We’re supposed to share this Life with as many people as possible.

So how does it expand? What does that look like? At Harvest, one of the main ways we’re working to expand the reach of the Gospel is through a multi-site strategy. In an area where population is fairly sparse and spread over a wide region, who will take the message of Jesus to those who need to hear?

We will

By using a video teaching model—along with local, campus pastors—people in all sorts of places can hear and understand God’s Word and how it applies to them today. They can benefit from shared resources and be a part of something that is both intensely local and intentionally regional.

This approach allows for almost unlimited opportunity for the expansion of the Gospel. Interested in launching a Harvest campus in your town? Contact us and we’ll talk about it. We want to expand the reach of the Gospel of Jesus because we know it has the power to change lives and make a real difference in communities. And we’re excited to be a part of it.

Harvest is a Church that serves and worships over several campuses.

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