New Website Launch

We are excited to launch the new Harvest Church website and share some of the new features and plans this site represents.This has been a project in the works for several months now and depending on how you look at it either sadly or expectantly will only last a few months.

This new website is serving to introduce several new features and tools for Harvest members and our community, but does not reflect the design that we will stay with past Vision Weekend. Key goals were:

  • Unify site navigation for a multi-site ministry allowing each local community/campus to better use their website for communication with the community and local congregation.
    • Each Campus has a dedicated site within a site.
    • All Harvest Websites will now be accessible through the domain rather than individual campus domains.
    • Users will have the option of selecting and having the website remember their home campus 
  • Visually prepare for Vision Weekend in October. The overall design of this new website is intended to be a transitional design preparing for Harvest 2.0.
  • Create awareness of and for Vision Weekend 2010
  • Introduce the web based extensions of our centralized church database
    • Unified contact management for staff and key volunteer follow up
    • Volunteer pipeline management with integrated background security checks for positions that work with kids under 18.
    • Online giving with up to date access to historical giving records
    • Simple event registration and fee payment, if applicable
    • Volunteer Leader Group management tools
    • Group finder application
  • Prayer Engine that allow people to submit prayer requests and be encouraged by being notified when people pray for their request.
  • Preparing for the Harvest Church Online Campus, slated to launch in October, 2010
We hope that you enjoy the new Harvest Church website, regardless of your campus!


© 2010 Harvest Church
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