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Impact the World

Ethiopia Hope

Ethiopia Hope is a combined effort of Harvest Church and Journey Church in Bozeman. We have come together to help relieve the suffering of over four million orphans in Ethiopia through humanitarian efforts and adoption to christian families.

Orphanages and aide organizations are overwhelmed by the numbers of children needing help. While they help as many as they can, large numbers of orphans are left to survive on the streets. Estimations show there are 250,000 homeless orphans on the streets of the capital city alone! Children in Ethiopia are vulnerable to many dangers, including starvation, disease, human trafficking (e.g. sex slave trade), rape and other hazards of street life.

Ethiopia Hope's efforts to build God's Kingdom has three branches:



Helping families grow through adoption of orphans from Ethiopia.

Projects to bring resources to existing organizations to help orphans learn a trade & provide resources to sell for life.
Through Compassion International, Harvest has a partner church in Addis Ababa we have committed to pray for.

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