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Remember the View-Master??  For those of your who don’t, like my children, it’s my generation’s iPad.  It was this thing that looked like Star Trek binoculars, but without the cool technology.  You put a disc with tiny photographs into a slot on the top, and pushed a button that spun the disc to the next photo.  In this way you could tell a story with accompanying images.  If you had lots of discs, you had lots of stories.  It was cool because you could take it on road trips and it would keep the kids occupied for about four minutes.

Throughout history, stories have been the best way to get your point across, communicate truths, and shape culture.  It’s no wonder then, that Jesus was a master storyteller.  He had lots of discs and the images he communicated were powerful and life changing.

Join us for “View-Master” where we take a peek and some of our favorite stories from the Master.

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