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Harvest Vision


At Harvest we are not too interested in looking like and acting like a “church.” We simply want to do whatever we can to help people know and experience God through Jesus Christ. If we didn’t believe that God is who He said He is, that He loves us, and that He has the answer to Life’s dilemmas, we wouldn’t bother. But we do believe these things and so we are determined to live our lives and use our lives in a manner that gives God glory and gives people a picture of who Jesus Christ really is.

Our goal at Harvest is that those who are curious about Jesus, and those who are hostile toward Jesus, can come and investigate His claims. We also strive to provide an atmosphere of worship and learning and friendship for those who are endeavoring live Life as though Jesus were living through them. We know it is not easy to “do church” in such a way, but that is exactly what we are setting out to do. We’re simply trying to make Jesus as available as possible to as many people as possible.

You are invited to join us in our pursuit of Truth, and our pursuit of each other.

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