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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Thank you for checking on any open Job Opportunities.

Our employees are important to our overall vision and in ministering to others on the staff, the church and the entire community. The staff's personal spiritual growth and active involvement in our church are an integral part of their ministry. Our prayer for the staff members is to view their job in light of eternity. We depend upon each staff member to carry out their specific responsibilities so we may move forward in God's plan for us. We sincerely believe that their calling is God-given.

We will post open positions on this website. If you are interested in one of our open positions, we request that you submit a personal resume to the contact listed in the details of the job posting. The respective supervisor will review the resumes to determine which candidates to interview. Once the candidates are narrowed down to a few, they will be requested to submit an Application for Employment and a Background Check Application. Once these documents are received, the supervisor will perform a reference check and a background investigation will be conducted. After these steps are completed and the supervisor identifies the lead candidate, an offer will be extended to the candidate. Once the candidate accepts the offer, then all other final candidates will be notified of the decision. If the lead candidate does not accept the offer, then the supervisor will determine which candidate to pursue for the position.

Disclaimer: Our employment policy is to provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified employees and applicants. We do reserve the right to employ persons who are Christians with a similar philosophy of ministry and who, in the opinion of the church, have a work history and lifestyle which is consistent with the scriptural principles the church embraces. The church and all its employees recognize that all employees are hired at will, meaning they may quit their jobs at any time, and the church may terminate any employee at any time, without cause or notice. Employment at Harvest Church is governed by the laws of the state of Montana.

Open Positions 

At this time Harvest Church is hiring the following roles. In general, all inquiries and candidates should submit a resume' to .

Click the Link Below for more information on each position

  • Senior Video Editor (Full Time, based in Billings, MT)

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