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Through a partnership with Compassion International Harvest has a unique opportunity to build a relationship with Mojo Meserete Kristos church in Ethiopia. Vern and Ramie recently visited Ethiopia and were able to visit with the pastor and see first hand the work of this church.

We have an opportunity as a church to pray for this sister church in Ethiopia. We will be receiving periodic emails/letters allowing us to know how we can specifically lift up this congregation. These prayer requests will be available for you right here on this page. Check back often and join us in prayer!

Prayer Requests send July 21

Dear and dearest Friends in Christ in Montana, We are very happy in our friendship and partnership with you because you are gift for us from God. Not only goods and other things are gifts from God but also persons in Christ are too.

I got your prayer requests before but the response is delay because your prayer requests are given for Leaders team and our prayer requests are prepared and come from full time servants.That is why it takes time.

  • Pray for church holistic blessings in spiritual and economic
  • Pray for our church evangelism-work at Modjo town and around it
  • Pray for existing 3 outreaches to become a local church independently
  • Pray that God may give wisdom and glory for us to serve children, youth and adults properly
  • Please, Pray for Leaders who elected and ordained at the end of June 2010 for 3 years. We have encountered strong challenges Modjo town mayor to give land for planting other local church.
  • Please, pray for this challenge and God will just do it.
  • Pray for CDSP (child development sponsorship project), CSP (child survival project) and Disaster response activities such as Self Help Group to be effective and fruitful

By the way, we have prayed on all your prayer requests in different groups and we believed that God will perform things beyond what will be expected. Jeremiah 33:3

We love much in Christ,
Modjo MKC

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