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Impact the World (Ethiopia)

Ethiopia Hope

Ethiopia Hope is a combined effort of Harvest Church and Journey Church in Bozeman. We have come together to help relieve the suffering of over four million orphans in Ethiopia through humanitarian efforts and adoption to christian families.

Orphanages and aide organizations are overwhelmed by the numbers of children needing help. While they help as many as they can, large numbers of orphans are left to survive on the streets. Estimations show there are 250,000 homeless orphans on the streets of the capital city alone! Children in Ethiopia are vulnerable to many dangers, including starvation, disease, human trafficking (e.g. sex slave trade), rape and other hazards of street life.

Ethiopia Hope's efforts to build God's Kingdom has three branches:



Helping families grow through adoption of orphans from Ethiopia.

Projects to bring resources to existing organizations to help orphans learn a trade & provide resources to sell for life.
Harvest has developed partnerships with Churches in Ethiopia to resource in their vision and sponsor children through Compassion International.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ethiopia Hope has an ambitious vision for teaching Ethiopia with the Gospel through Adoptions, Service Teams and Child Sponsorships. In order to communicate this vision and provide opportunities to Harvest Church and beyond we need a larger work force of volunteers. The following is a brief description of the teams we have:

Adoption - Lisa Borgstrom leads our Adoption emphasis. She needs a team to support the adoption project by promotion of the adoption vision to Harvest Churches, walking through the adoption and Summer of Hope application process with the families, being advocates for adoption to the Church and community to answer questions of inquiring families on the program costs, process and resources.

Church Partnership & Child Sponsorships -We are developing a Sponsorship overseer and we need a team to develop our friendship with the Modjo Church leadership and sponsored children. We would like to ensure that all children are sponsored by Harvest campuses. We will be expanding to the Rafikki Orphanage for sponsorships and will need to promote that. We would also like to get stories from our sponsors about letters they receive from their children that would be up-lifting for Harvest to hear.

Service Teams Support - The Service Support Team is a group that will help organize and carry out future trips to Ethiopia. They will oversee trip development, administration needs of putting teams together, training and follow-up. We need Team Coordinators who are administrators to ensure that we are ready to go, that everything is paid for, set up and ready, and everyone is safe and gets home. We also need Coordinator specialists.

Promotion and Communication Team - This team needs people who can write, are creative in ideas for getting information out in new ways. We need some with graphics and advertising training. We also need people who can plan big events (Family Fun Night, Ethiopia Night at the Depot). We need website developers, design and clothing designers. This is the creative and communications arm of Ethiopia Hope. 
Our current communication methods include a Quarterly Newsletter to the Harvest family and all those expressing interest in Ethiopia Hope, an annual Fun Night for communicating the vision of EH and raising support, an Ethiopia Hope Dinner Fund Raiser at the Billings Depot on Thursday night, September 20th. We also have an Ethiopia Hope Facebook page and website on our Harvest website that need development and maintenance. We are developing a clothing line through Futureshirts for a clothing line for support and promotion. This team is also working on doing publications that explain the vision and how people can get involved both in Harvest Church and the community. 

Administration Team - Ethiopia Hope is a growing conglomerate of individual efforts toward one common goal, to bring God’s Kingdom to Ethiopia. The Administrative side of the team helps pull these efforts together and provide administrative support through phone-calls to people interested in Ethiopia Hope, Database entry, support development. 

Prayer Team - Ethiopia Hope began with a year of prayer and research. Today it has grown and the potential is there for much greater growth. The prayer team will pray for our adopted kids, their parents, potential parents in process and recruitment. This team will pray for the partner Churches, Orphanages and leaders in Ethiopia that we are working with. They will pray for our sponsored children and for the Service Teams. There is much to pray for, and this team will receive information from our Communications Team so they can pray specifically.

If you are interested in one of these teams please contact Ethiopia Hope ministry Director Tim Weidlich at tim@www.harvestweb.net 


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