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Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10


One of the central themes of the Bible is that “everyone matters.” From a Bedouin shepherd, to a scared prostitute, to a beaten up racist, to a bleeding widow – all people matter to God. When a lost sheep is found and joyfully hoisted on the shepherd’s shoulders, we should see the love of God for people. When a wayward son returns from his slop and his father throws a party, we should feel the compassion of God for people. When God famously said He loved people so much that He sent His only Son in order that people might not perish (which we deserve) but have eternal life – and when Jesus hung by nails on a cross and somehow uttered, “Father forgive them” – we cannot help but be impressed by how much people matter to God. And if people matter that much to God, shouldn’t they matter that much to us?

If a person is loved so much that God considers them “wonderful,” and if God has so much affection for a person that Jesus’ life is sacrificed for their sins, and if God places that much importance on a single soul – shouldn’t we too? Shouldn’t we treat all people with dignity and respect and importance? Wouldn’t it be helpful to see all people in your field of view with a “Soul that Jesus loves and died for” sign flashing over their head?

At Harvest we are trying to love people, all people, the way God loves people. One simple, but very meaningful, way we can do that is by improving the welcoming environment of our weekend worship services. It just makes sense: People, who are loved and cherished by God, are coming to worship Him, serve Him and learn about Him. Shouldn’t they all be treated with respect and honor? This is a soul for whom Jesus died! We should welcome them and serve them in a manner worthy of how much they matter to God. If they matter to God, they matter to us, so we are going to prioritize resources to communicate to everyone who walks on a Harvest Church campus that “everyone matters.”

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