Day 8 - the last.

I wake up at 7:30 after a 4-6am shift, the land is flat, uninteresting, unceasing… Kansas. I had an “easy” shift the during the night because Cindy had a coffee at Cafe Du Monde which apparently kept her wired for a good 9 hrs. However, waking up in a car after driving through the night is never easy - I fight nausea till the afternoon. Driving… I mentioned that I couldn’t find any Trump Ice when we left - but I find out that Cindy had grabbed what was left before I checked and surprised me with a fresh bottle. I finish my slogan for Trump Ice… (80’s rock band, heavily influence by Black Sabbath) “He’s as cold as Ice; He’s willing to sacrifice, your soul for a dollar!” (Announcer voice) “Trump Ice - the only bottled water endoresed by the Donald and laced with cocaine to give you the buzz you need to buy and sell real estate, everyday!” - perhaps I have taken this too far… Driving… Colorado, Wyoming… I watch “Gladiator” for the nth time - but relate and react to if differently then I ever have before. Instead of revenge I see a love story between and man, his wife, and his child. Perhaps being away from my family for this length of time in this way has sharpened my awareness of to this storyline… & perhaps, my own storyline. Home…

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