Day 7 part B

We decide to go home via a different route - we through New Orleans which is about an hour from Gulfport. We drive through some of the areas that were affected by the flooding - the only way I can describe it is “dirty”. The neihborhoods were seemingly hopelessly filthy. We pass through these neighborhoods as our main destination is to meet up with some friends of the Broadbents in the French Quarter @ Cafe Du Monde. We eat French doughnuts, have some laughs and we head back on the road. We pass by Super Dome where many of the residents sought shelter… and the home of the 1986 superbowl (da bears). Darkness, sleepless, driving. It’s all to familiar. 33 hrs of road lay before us. Again I resist the temptation to watch a movie. I know that at 3 my team will need me one more time. It will hurt, it always does…

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