Day 6

Today is one of the main reasons we came down - Crosspoints Christmas festival. Similar in style to Harvest’s Celebrate Freedom. We’ve come to provide some live music and some food support. We played perhaps the longest set I’ve ever played… just over 2 hrs. played 18 songs and had a blast. The team was in fine form as we, as I like to say, rocked the Casbah. Afterword complete exhaustion… enter the greatest challenge in our trip… Catfish Charlie. Israel took us and some others out to a shack looking restarunt called Catfish Charlie. No one on our team was exactly to thrilled about eating catfish but we decided to go along. Kind of thought they have a bunch of stuff on the menu, they only had catfish and thankfully chicken. But I’m proud to say that I ended up having some catfish, and is was good - I had more catfish then chicken. And then the rest of the team at least took a bite of the catfish. I wish I was on tv ’cause then I’d been one step closer to $50,ooo. Well, I’ve been writing this waiting for the shower and it has become available, I must shower and sleep.

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