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Harvest Church is excited to announce the launch of a Graduate School program in September of 2008. We have three reasons for starting a Graduate School:
  1. Harvest is serious about making practical biblical understanding accessible to all of our people.
  2. Harvest loves to hire people we see around here who are effective in a ministry area. We hire them without a Bible education, but we want to provide that for them here at home.
  3. We are also working with several cities in this area who want us to plant a Church with the Harvest philosophy. Rather than raising a team and sending them off to Seminary somewhere, we want to train them here while they serve at Harvest, or continue their jobs.

To offer this Graduate degree, we are partnering with Moody Graduate School in Chicago, IL. Moody is known for its quality education over the past 120 years as well as its visionary approach to ministry. Moody has applied for and been approved for a transfer of its accreditation into Montana, so we can begin with a Graduate Certificate program in Biblical Studies. These classes will be taught by Moody faculty at Harvest two times a year. You can also work on other classes online if you would like to speed up the process. All these credits are transferable to other Seminaries accepting Moody credit.


Part of this vision includes an annual Pastors' Conference where great teachers and leaders from around the world come to teach Pastors and students.


Moody Graduate School will start its launch into Montana by offering about half of a full Masters Degree in Biblical Studies. You can earn a Masters Certificate right here at Harvest Church. If this program continues to grow as we are confident that it will, Moody will consider expanding this to a full Masters Degree offered in Montana, as well as offering other Degrees.

However, you can also earn a full Masters Degree by supplementing the Harvest Modular classes with online classes, or finish the program at the Chicago campus.

For more information, go online to click on Graduate, then Modular Information. Harvest will offer a week-long class (called a Modular) with a Moody faculty member. You will be assigned reading and preparation work before the class and follow-up work after the class.

The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies is a 30 hour program designed to provide a broad biblical base for those who have graduated from a secular college or university. The program applies biblical truths to the practical problems students face in life and ministry around the world.


If you would like more information, or you are ready to put your name on the list as a candidate for Moody Graduate School contact Pastor Tim Weidlich at Harvest Church (406-259-5648) or e-mail Tim here. Once the Distance Classroom has been confirmed you will be contacted with the process for acceptance as a Graduate School student.

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