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Info Update

Update your contact information with Harvest!

We recognize that life changes all the time. We move, get new jobs, new phone numbers, have kids and sometimes even choose to attend a different church. We also recognize that our resources are no good if they are not getting into the right hands. We’ve put together a short info/survey form to cross reference our database to make sure that we have good information for all of you. Below you will see two buttons, one for those who are still a part of Harvest and one for those who have moved on.

If you no longer attend Harvest we do ask that you provide minimal information so that we can update your record as such.

For those who still attend Harvest, whether it be consistently or only for special occasions, then we are asking for a little more. We only need ONE form per household. There are 3 pages total and completing this should only take 5 – 10 minutes depending on the size of your family.

  • Page 1 - Individual information about the individual completing the form
  • Page 2 - Household information for any additional family members
  • Page 3 - A few simple question to gage how we are doing

Thank you for taking the time to complete this so that we can better utilize our resources.

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