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I Can't Believe Resources

I Can't Believe I'm Not Better Resources

Fitness Classes

Classes begin the week of January 9 though February 17 • $30 per person/per class for entire session • No Childcare

    • Boot Camp
      • Monday, Wednesday, Friday • 6:00 – 7:00 am • Heights Campus Gym OR Lockwood Campus Lower Commons
    • PiYo
      • Tuesday & Thursday • 6:00 – 7:00 pm • Heights Campus Room 224/225. A combination of Pilates and Yoga (without the myticism)
    • Gentle Gym (tailored for senior adults)
      • Tuesday & Thursday • 8:00 am • Lockwood Campus Lower Commons • Followed by Café time
    • Walking to Worship
      • Monday – Friday • 8:00 – 10:00 am • Lobby and Upstairs Hallways
      • A walking track throughout the main areas of building will be set up
      • Worship music will be playing throughout the lobby area
      • We suggest you use this time to pray. Pray for the Church in our move to fitness or your own personal prayer needs.

    Registration Information

    • Register online below
    • Physical signed Registration/Release Form required. Bring it with you to the first class. Download the release form by clicking here.
    • $30 per person, per class for entire session. Please make checks payable to Harvest Church.
    • No cash. Please register online and pay by credit card or pay by check.
    • No childcare available

    Personal and Small Group Resources

    In Home Fitness Options

    Click on any of the following links to watch videos for in home fitness options.

    How To Exercise – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/howtoexercise/
    Stretching – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/stretching/
    Zero to 5K Plan – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/zeroto5kplan/
    Weight Training – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/weighttraining/
    Workout Routine 1 – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/workoutroutine1/
    Workout Routine 2 – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/workoutroutine2/
    Workout Routine 3 – http://danielplan.com/healthyhabits/workoutroutine3/


    Click on any of the following links for some help with nutrition.

    Food Groups – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/foodgroups/
    Recommended Foods – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/recommendedfoods/
    10 Step Seating on a Budget – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/10stepseatingonabudget/
    Conquer Your Cravings – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/conqueryourcravings/
    Eating Out Rules – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/eatingoutrules/
    Time Saver Tips – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/timesavertips/
    Great Kids Start Early – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/greatkidsstartearly/
    Vitamin Supplements – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/vitaminsupplements/
    Shopping List – http://www.danielplan.com/healthyhabits/shoppinglist/

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