Values shape us. They help define who we are and how we make decisions. Most of all they describe the kind of church we strive to be.

Word Centered

We believe the Bible is the actual Word of God and is therefore the authority for how lifeworks. While the methods of how we apply the truths of scripture may vary, the theology and belief of the Bible’s authenticity and authority shape us. It is a love letter from God to each and every one of us.

Community Focused

Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve. We follow His example and strive to place the needs of our community over our own. Our service should be relevant and tangible and make a difference.

Growth Expected

We aren’t here to sit around. We are here to seek after God, learn more about Him and His plan for us, and grow more and more in our relationship with Him. For those who choose to call Harvest home, there is an expectation that we grow individually and in community.

Fun Required

We’re called to live the Life Jesus describes as “life to the fullest” (John 10:10). When you’re living life to the fullest, shouldn’t for the most part that be fun?! Life together is a blast! Having fun isn’t just recommended, it’s required!

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