Elevate Applications

Fresh Start
Elevate - Harvest has a developed a growth strategy to help you experience God's purpose for your life. Each step launches with a class which gives you some tools for each growth stage, then you can practice these skills at Harvest, home, Life Groups and in your world. Classes start Wednesday, September 17th at 7:00 at the Lockwood campus.

Elevate Core - consists of four launch classes.

Fresh Start is a difficulty level of 1, here you get the Trail Map for the walk with God. You will discover what it means to be a Christ Follower, how to understand the Bible, Prayer, the Church, finally you'll learn the significance of Baptism. This class will provide you with class notes, a Bible and a God & I time Journal.

Membership class is about connections for the walk with God. This course has a difficulty level of 2 and will show how Harvest Church is designed to walk the path with God with a family. This is a 1 day class where you'll meet the Pastors of Harvest and understand who we are and how to be connected for growth.

The third class is our Habits class and has a difficulty level of 3. This class will provide you with the gear for a successful walk with God. This is an advanced level of Bible reading with application, prayer God hears, transforming friendships, and Christ's call to steward the His resources.

Fourth is our SHAPE class that helps you discover your design for influence. This class has a difficulty level of 4 and moves you from a climber to a Guide. Here you will process five influence diagnostics that reveal your spiritual gift, heart, abilities, personality and experiences. These give you a very unique fingerprint that help point you to service opportunities at Harvest that will be fruitful and fulfilling.

We are adding an additional class to the Core classes in 2010, Expanding Your Influence. This second Guide-level class has a difficulty level of 5. Here you will learn how to share God's story through your story, build friendship bridges to God, expand your influence through the Harvest Worldwide Passport, and how to plan for a life that makes a Kingdom difference.

The Elevate Application Classes take the foundation you receive in the Core and apply them to common issues a Christ follower faces. These classes include Wild Man groups, Women's issues, Financial Peace U, Marriage mentoring, Parenting and Life Coaching.

Wednesdays - starting September 16th
Marriage Mentoring - Eric Hutch
Women of the Bible - Melissa Brumit
Mondays - September 14th

Financial Peace University - Monday's starting September 14th (Orientation preview either August 31st or Sept 9 - 7:00 at Lockwood).

Harvest U - Harvest has a Biblical Leadership curriculum for those interested in developing a deeper understanding of the Bible and those who want to apply that understanding to ministry. HILT (Harvest Institute for Leadership Training) is a Bible Institute level program that will offer two classes on Wednesday night (6:00-7:50 & 8:00-9:50). Semesters begin in September, January and March. You can take classes for credit toward a Biblical Studies certificate, or for personal development. This September we will offer Bible Geography (taught by Liz Zeller from 6-7:50) and How to Study the Bible (taught by Tim Weidlich from 8-9:50).

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