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Q: What is the FUEL campaign?

A: The FUEL campaign is a 3-year vision-based campaign begun in December 2012 to “pour it on” and ignite God’s plan for the next phase of Harvest Church with three primary areas of focus:

  1. Kids Environments – We will prioritize our kids and their environments in ways we never have before – creating a haven for young families that will inspire our volunteers, our kids, and our communities.
  2. New Campus Launch – We believe the multi-site approach is the solution for rural church challenges in our region, so we will establish a fund to launch our next campus.
  3. Campus Infrastructure Investments – We will take specific steps to create better overall environments to worship, grow, and serve at each campus.

FInd out more details on all the FUEL projects here.


Q: What is the financial goal for FUEL?

A: We believe God led us to a vision to resource Harvest for projects totaling $4.0 Million dollar vision, of which approximately $2.3 Million has been pledged to date as of June 2013.


Q: How will we spend the funds collected through FUEL?

A: Of the $2.3 Million pledged, the estimated spending plan is as follows:

Kids Environment       $183,000
New Campus Launch (Butte)     $235,000
Campus Infrastructure Investments    $1,352,000
Debt Pay Down, Ethiopia Hope and Campaign Expenses  $500,000


Q: What are FUEL Vision Gatherings?

A: FUEL Vision Gatherings were special small gatherings led by Pastor Vern that allowed the church to hear more about the FUEL projects and the future of Harvest Church. If you were unable to attend a Vision Gathering or did not have an opportunity to do so, you may view a previous recorded Vision Gathering here.


Q: What is my role in FUEL?

A: Pastor Vern is challenging everyone who calls Harvest home to participate in the following:

  • Pray It Up – Pray for the future of Harvest Church. Pray that we would continue to follow God’s leading and trust God’s power to propel us forward.  Also, ask God to lead you in making a financial commitment to FUEL.
  • Talk It Up –  Work through your fears and share your victories with your small group or talk to your Campus Pastor. Explore the information provided in this website to better understand the vision of Harvest Church as we seek to make God matter.
  • Bring It In – Make a FUEL Commitment by pledging online, outlining your financial commitment to FUEL over the next 36 months. 
  • Pour It On – Commit yourself to personally pour it on, living Life as though Jesus were living through you in a deeper way than you have ever had before.


Q: Do my contributions to FUEL replace my regular tithes and offerings to Harvest?

A: No. In the Bible, the book of Malachi teaches that God intends the tithe (defined as 10% of income) to be brought to the storehouse to fund the ongoing ministries of God’s church. Because the Harvest family continues to serve our community and proclaim the good news of Jesus, any amounts given towards the FUEL projects, should be above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. This is a great way to grow from a Tither into an Extravagant Giver. To learn more about Harvest’s Generosity model, visit www.harvestweb.net/generosity.


Q: Where and when will we launch the Butte campus?

A: The Butte campus is planned to launch Fall 2013. Learn more about the Butte Campus here.


Q: Will my contribution be made public?

A: No. Only the total combined amount of all commitments received is announced.  You’re pledge and subsequent contributions are strictly confidential.


Q: Will contributions be designated to the campus from where they come?

A: Harvest is one church with many campuses. At any particular time, one campus may be experiencing a surplus while another is hurting. That could reverse in a matter of weeks. Because we serve and support each other, all FUEL prior contributions are placed into one fund to be used for specific needs at each campus.


Q: Is it too late to get involved?

A: No. FUEL is a movement of Harvest families that believe in God's plan for our future as a church in our communities. Many have already made meaningful and sacrificial pledges.  If you don't want to miss out on that movement, you can get involved by making a financial commitment or donation here.


Q: Does Harvest plan on incurring additional debt?

A: No. The cost of the projects are limited to the dollar amount of pledges made. In fact, $300,000 of pledged funds has been allocated to make additional principle payments on our debt so that our debt balance will be much lower at the end of the 3 year campaign than when it started. However, during the campaign, the timing of our project costs compared to the timing of pledges received, may necessitate short term and temporary borrowings under a construction line of credit which will be paid back before the end of the FUEL campaign.


Q: Am I obligated to pay my pledge?

A: No. 2 Corinthians 9:7 states, "Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." Harvest does not consider your pledge to be a binding agreement which creates an obligation. Rather, we hold your pledge as a sacred decision you and your household have made as you strive to follow God's leading in your life thus being a "cheerful giver". With that said, the leaders of Harvest have relied upon your pledge in planning for the scope of the projects. Pledges that are not fulfilled could result in cash shortfalls.


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